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Who We Are

Caesar Pack Holding Group is an international company that owns multiple factories, retail, and technology companies mainly in Kuwait, in addition to Iraq and Egypt. The group has been in business for more than 21 years, having over 500 employees, making an annual turnover close to $70 million (25 million KWD) and a total of $35 million   (15 million KWD) capital.

Our products are known for their perfect finish, durability, and reliability. We strive to offer our customers sustainable and environment-friendly packaging solutions at a pocket-friendly cost.

All our facilities are ISO & HACCP certified; our technical expertise enables us to deliver any type of packaging order. Within a short span, we have gained the trust of numerous customers around the Middle East. We are known for our customer satisfaction and high-quality products.

We offer distinctive products and services built on innovation and reliable quality, crafted for the most demanding needs of the market and new technologies, produced by 500 experienced employees. Our major business activity is focused on packaging and wrapping solutions, alongside other varied business activities that add up to our diverse portfolio.


Our History


We started in 2001 by establishing Caesar Pac Carton & Paper Products Company, our main factory, and manufacturing plant with 6.5 million USD (2 million KWD) capital. Then we have grown with several major acquisitions and expansions to new markets and sectors over the following 20 years. Our business activities are based on the operations of three corrugated paper factories and paper mills in Kuwait.

Caesarpac Kuwait.png

Established in 2001 in the Kuwait Free Trade Zone and has since been the premium provider of corrugated carton in Middle East.


  • Become an essential B2B & B2C partners to our customers by providing top quality paper products.

  • Sustain environment by producing paper boxes that are eco friendly.

  • Promote business while protecting the environment.

  • Provide an excellent working environment.

  • Customer Satisfaction.

  • Achieve an excellent return on investment.



  • Become a worldwide leader of packaging and printing solutions.

  • Provide our customers with innovative and durable products.

  • A no-compromise rule when it comes to quality.

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